Child Custody


Child Custody

Child custody can refer to either physical custody or legal custody. Physical custody relates to where the child is to live after the parties are divorced, but also applies to temporary arrangements that are made while the parties go through divorce proceedings. Legal custody concerns a parent’s rights and responsibilities to make major decisions regarding the child’s welfare, including matters of education, medical care, and emotional, religious and moral development. Both legal and physical custody can be either sole or shared. Decisions as to custody, both physical and legal, are made based upon the best interests of the child which is centered around the child’s needs.

For nearly three decades, we have worked with clients to successfully attain physical and legal custody of their children consistent with the children’s best interests. In addition, we have extensive experience with establishing parenting and visitation schedules that allow for non-custodial parents to maintain a healthy and ongoing relationship with the children. When necessary, we can provide assistance to a party who needs to create, change or enforce child custody arrangements.

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